We are excited to announce that Emilia Bishop has become our new Apprenticeship Ambassador for Haddon Training!

Emilia is a keen dressage rider and has been an apprentice with us since 2020 when she began our renowned Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme. Since then, she has progressed onto the level 3 senior equine groom apprenticeship.

We will be following Emilia’s apprenticeship journey through her monthly blog where she will be sharing her experience of being an apprentice, including the highs and the challenges she faces.

“Hi everyone, I’m Emilia!

I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to become Haddon’s first Apprenticeship Ambassador. Each month I’ll be blogging about what I’ve been up to on my apprenticeship and sharing all the details with you.

Firstly, to introduce myself, here’s a little snippet about me and my apprenticeship experience so far:

I completed the AASE programme in 2021 and I’m now completing my level 3 senior equine groom apprenticeship, both at Judy Harvey Dressage. I really enjoyed the practical learning on the AASE programme and the camps were great fun! I’m already loving the content I’m learning in the level 3 senior equine groom apprenticeship.

I really enjoy learning on the job because I get to work in real-life situations and gain valuable experience at the same time. I still get time to compete regularly, go to the gym and go back home to visit family and friends.

I get to meet loads of new people and industry experts who give me great advice. I’ve met some international equestrian athletes, including Irish dressage rider Abigail Lyle, who is really inspiring and it’s lovely to see her doing so well!

To be honest, I did find it a challenge to manage the written coursework, alongside my yard work and lifestyle, but I soon got into a routine and now my week is very organised. Also, I must admit, I found it slightly daunting moving away from home, but when I arrived everyone made me feel so welcome and I soon became part of the team.

If you’re moving away to complete your apprenticeship and are anxious about leaving home, I was in the exact same situation as you in 2020! But since moving away, I’ve become much more independent and confident. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing!

I’ve experienced and learnt so many new skills as part of both apprenticeships, which I’ll tell you about over the coming months. But more recently, I was lucky enough to help with the birth of a foal, which was absolutely incredible. An experience I’ll never forget! I feel like I’m constantly learning but I don’t even realise it at the time.

Stay tuned for my next blog in August where I’ll update you on the month’s activities.