The British Horse Society (BHS) and Haddon Training
Working together to bridge skills gaps in the equine industry


We are delighted to be working closely with The British Horse Society (BHS) to bridge skills gaps in the equine industry. As an apprentice with us, the prestigious BHS qualifications can be exclusively combined with the ongoing apprenticeship training and support you receive, providing an unrivalled learning experience.

This unique opportunity enables all equine apprentices with Haddon Training to have discounted direct entry to BHS Stages assessments as you near the completion of your apprenticeship.

Learners who gain direct entry to their BHS assessments within 6 months of completion will receive a 40% discount on their assessment fees, comprised of 20% discount from Haddon Training and 20% discount from the BHS.

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We offer a range of equine apprenticeships tailored to meet your needs.  To learn more about our equine apprenticeships, click here.

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*This offer is only available to Haddon Training apprentices completing an apprenticeship in England. Please click here for our equine apprenticeships and BHS offering in Wales.