Progress your career with animals

The level 3 Animal Care and Welfare Manager apprenticeship prepares you to manage the care and welfare of animals and staff in a variety of settings, such as kennels, catteries, doggy daycare, dog grooming, animal shelters, zoos, and veterinary clinics.

There are many benefits of completing this apprenticeship, including:

  • Gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the care and welfare of animals in a variety of settings.
  • Earning a recognised qualification in animal care and welfare management.
  • Increasing your job prospects in the industry.

Apprentices will also spend a significant amount of time working in a real-world setting, where they will gain hands-on experience in managing the care and welfare of animals.

  • The role of an animal care and welfare manager apprentice

    The role of an apprentice includes:

    • Legislation and Regulation: This module ensures the apprentice understands the legislation, regulations and codes of practice which apply to the animal care workplace.
    • Animal Behaviour: This module ensures the apprentice understands animal behaviour with the species they work within at their work placement.
    • Animal Health and Welfare: This module ensures the apprentice understands how to care for animals to maintain their health and welfare.
    • Animal Accommodation: This module ensures the apprentice understands suitable accommodation for animals and clean accommodation in line with industry standard.
    • Animal Diets: This module ensures the apprentice understands and can prepare suitable diets for a range of species considering necessary factors such as age, lifestyle, and health conditions.
    • Customer Service: This module ensures the apprentice understands the principles of customer service and how to provide excellent customer service to animal owners and other stakeholders.
    • Personal and Professional Development: This module ensures the apprentice understands and prepare to develop their personal and professional development including that of staff.

    In addition to these core modules, apprentices will also develop their behaviours covering the following:

    • Safe working
    • Communication
    • Commitment
    • Continual Professional Development

    All apprentices will be entering professional employment in this wonderful industry; receiving a contract of employment and being paid in line with the Apprentice National Minimum Wage and current Government guidance. The role requires dedication and commitment, as well as learning and adhering to safe working practices.

  • Entry requirements
    • To apply for this apprenticeship you will need to be of school leaver age.
    • You will need to be entering into, or already in, a manager/mentor position.
    • As part of this apprenticeship, maths and English will be developed up to a Level 2 functional skills standard if you haven’t already achieved a GCSE grade 4-9, A*-C or a Level 2 Functional Skills qualification.

    If you are still in full-time education; school, college, university, on another apprenticeship, or just unsure of your suitability just contact our friendly team to discuss.

  • Teaching, learning and assessment

    Throughout your journey, you will learn the core apprenticeship components, taking part in monthly sessions with your Trainer-Coach, accessing different learning systems and spending time learning and enhancing skills, knowledge and behaviours whilst at work. If required you will also be supported to develop your maths and English, in preparation for your functional skills qualifications. You will then be assessed by a final end point assessment (EPA) for your overall apprenticeship.

    Every four months you will practice your tests and assessments in preparation for EPA. Your EPA consists of a knowledge test, observation at work and a professional discussion. These are all designed to prove competence in the workplace and you are fully supported in your preparation for this.

    All our Trainer-Coaches are experts in the animal care industry and will be on hand to support you throughout your apprenticeship. They will check your knowledge and understanding through a variety of methods including assignments, workbooks, tailored resources, and observations before agreeing with you and your employer that you are ready to take your final endpoint assessment.

  • What are the next steps in your career?

    If you want to move across into different areas of animal welfare our recruitment team can help you apply for apprenticeship vacancies we already have. In your career with animals, there’ll be scope to move up the ladder, across sectors and it can even take you abroad.

To register your interest in this qualification, or to speak to one of our team, you can register your interest here.

For a full overview of the animal care and welfare manager apprenticeship standard, please click here.