Apprenticeship in Equestrian Sporting Excellence (AESE)

We’re delighted to confirm that our new AESE qualification (formerly AASE), designed specifically for equestrian athletes, is now underway.

The AESE programme allows talented riders to get the support they need to be the very best, and this new apprenticeship replaces our extremely popular AASE, which has been hugely successful in developing and preparing talented equestrian athletes.

Our aim is clear; we want to help you reach your full potential.  As a leading equestrian training provider for more than twenty-five years, we’ve always been forward-thinking in our approach to training and development.  We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to redesign and update our former programme to create our brand new AESE qualification.

For an overview of AESE and our entry criteria, please click here.

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You can apply for our September 2024 AESE programme here, where you can also subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest updates.



If you’re starting out in your career and not sure quite where to begin simply contact our friendly team.