We caught up with racing apprentice, Joe Leavy, to discuss his experience as an upcoming jockey and why he chose Haddon Training to complete his racing qualification.

Joe began his level 2 racing apprenticeship in 2022 at Richard Hannon Racing in Wiltshire. He is supported by his racing Trainer Coach, Rachel Lander.


Rachel: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and where you work?

Joe: “My name is Joe Leavy. I am currently holding my apprentice license with Richard Hannon Racing. I have recently ridden my first winner as apprentice, which was amazing!”


R: What made you decide to pursue a career in racing as a jockey?

J: “My family have always been into horse racing. My dad trained horses, so I have always been involved and around racehorses all my life. I have ridden since I was really young, and it just progressed from there and I turned apprentice in January.”


R: What are your plans moving forward now you have ridden your first winner as apprentice?

J: “My plan now is to keep my head down working hard and try and get as many rides and wins as I can through the summer.”


R: Have you had any recent rides?

J: “I’ve recently ridden at Chelmsford City Racecourse, coming 5th with Dillydingdillydong, and at Wolverhampton Racecourse where I came 6th with Dodgy Bob.”


R: Why did you choose Haddon Training for an apprenticeship?

J: “I chose Haddon Training to do my apprenticeship as it allows me to continue my career as an apprentice jockey. It’s been flexible around my riding, and I would recommend this route for other jockeys.”


R: Do you enjoy your apprenticeship with Haddon?

J: “Yes, it has been really helpful for me, and I have had great support.”


Thanks Joe!

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