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Sustainable Our Vision




The Senior Management Team of Haddon Training recognises its moral and legal responsibility to establish a sound sustainability management system encompassing environmental, social, economic and technological factors, in line with our vision for “excellence in learning".

Haddon Training is committed to minimising the environmental impact from its activities. We recognise our corporate responsibility, as provider of further education, to act in a responsible manner whilst also promoting sustainability issues throughout our training programmes.


To comply with all legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to our business. To ensure that when making business decisions, any potential sustainability issues are considered. To ensure all staff are made aware of
this statement and understand their role and responsibilities regarding
sustainability within their work practices.

To reduce the impact of office and transportation activities in respect of the
environment. To raise awareness of this statement with our stakeholders, employers, learners and associates to encourage them to promote sustainable management practices. To continuously review our sustainability approach to enable us to improve our work practices.

Sustainable Our Core Aims





Travel & Attendance at Meetings

Where practicable, financially viable and appropriate, consider the use of public transport to attend meetings.  Share transport, where possible and practical.

To avoid extensive travel to meetings, use alternative methods of communication when available, e.g. teleconferencing, Facetime, Skype, BOMGAR and Go To Meetings. If meetings are necessary plan them appropriately to avoid multiple trips.

To regularly analyse the carbon emissions of our fleet and where practicable proactively reduce these.

Consider the distance when allocating learners and planning capacity.

Purchasing Equipment & Use of Resources

Minimise use of paper by increasing use of electronic mediums ; Email, E-Portfolio.

Identify potential areas to reduce waste and purchase office paper from sustainable sources.

Where possible, recycle office waste i.e. paper, computer supplies, cartridges and any equipment no longer required by the business.

Promotion of Sustainable Practices to Stakeholders, Employers and Learners

Ensure that any associates employed by our organisation are aware of our principles in relation to sustainability issues.

Promote healthy eating, living and exercise to our learners and staff.

To provide copies of this statement in all proposals to potential employers and stakeholders.

To highlight the importance of complying with environmental legislation, particularly when conducting business on behalf of Haddon Training.

Promote sustainable behaviour into the curriculum delivery in association with key stakeholders and the wider community.

Liaise with the Local Community and other Stakeholders on sustainability issues.

Business Development and Growth

To ensure that when making business decisions, any potential sustainability issues are considered.


This statement will be brought to the attention of all employees, employers and learners via our website and learning materials. It is the duty of all parties to support Haddon Training’s sustainability aims and report any concerns or non-compliance.  

To ensure we promote sustainability on all internal and external email traffic.

Regularly review this policy to ensure it is updated in line with changes in legislation.

Sharing of Best Practice

To identify examples of best practice within the sectors in which we work and openly share these via our website, newsletters and forums.

Staff Development

Invest in staff development, skills and attributes to maintain sustainable improvements with investment in training and the promotion of marketing and initiatives.




Sustainable in pratise

Haddon Training recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, tin and all printer ink cartridges in the Head Office in Marlborough. 

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