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Governments 2020 vision

To increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in England, reaching three million starts in 2020.

Apprenticeships will provide substantive training in a professional or technical route, transferable skills and competency in English and maths for all ages.

Apprenticeships will be an attractive offer that young people and adults aspire to go into, as a high quality and prestigious path to a successful career.

Apprenticeships will be available across all sectors of the economy and at all levels, including degree level.

Apprenticeships will deliver the job focused skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers are looking for and want.

Employers will feel full ownership of apprenticeships, designing and owning the content of all apprenticeship standards and assessments.

Employers will choose to pay for the Apprenticeship Training they want through a Digital Apprenticeship Service.

What are Trialblazers?

Employers will be required to contribute £1 for every £2 that the government invests. Qualification caps will be set (total cost).

The AGE Grant will be replaced by an employer incentive scheme, with payments for recruiting a 16-18 year old, SME’s with fewer than 50 employees and Apprentice achievement.

The incentive scheme will cover the majority if not all of the initial outlay over the 12 month period.

The new Digital Apprenticeship Service will provide a new simple online portal for employers.

Employers will be given purchasing power.

Groups of employers representing their sectors or occupations are currently meeting to design new Apprenticeship standards.

New employer-designed standards will replace current frameworks by 2017/18. These will ensure that all new Apprentices will be trained to meet levels of professional competence.

End-point assessment will test the skills, knowledge and behaviours set out in the standard to assess that the apprentice is fully occupationally competent in that role. This could include:

  • Written examinations;
  • Interviews or via assessments, on the content of an apprentice portfolio;
  • Observed practice in the workplace;
  • Simulation exercise, if appropriate.

All Apprenticeships will still last a minimum of 12 months.

Funding for Apprenticeships will be placed on a sustainable footing through a levy on employers (those with more than a £3m payroll).

If you would like to join a group already developing a standard then please see the guidance at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/apprenticeship-changes

In March the Government released an 'Apprenticeship Reforms Progress so Far' document, to read it CLICK HERE. 

Are you transporting your horses ILLegally? 

Haddon Training delivers the 1st4sport Level 3 Awards in the Principles of Transporting Horses on Short Journeys (under 8 hours) and Long Journeys (above 8 hours) across England and Wales.

The Level 3 Award for Transporting Horses on Short Journeys is a multiple choice exam.  The Level 3 Award for Transporting Horses on Long Journeys is examined by a practical exam, a multiple choice exam and a completed log book.

European Economic Community (EEC) legislation states if you are transporting horses you should have a certificate of equine competence. In the UK we have the legislation Welfare of Animals Transportation England Order (WATEO). DEFRA's definition of this law is about whether it is for an economic activity regardless of whether you are deriving a profit from it.

As well as the obvious commercial activities for financial gain the legislation also encompasses less obvious activities such as having a logo on your horsebox. If the journey is in association with your job or has a financial, although intangible, gain to it; you need to hold the correct qualification to act within the law.

Confusion is caused when people think their HGV license covers the certificate of equine competence. Holding a HGV licence means you are qualified to drive the vehicle, NOT manage the welfare of the horses on board. The Level 3 Awards are about the care of the horses during transportation.   

“We have seen an increase of people completing the Level 3 Awards in the Principles of Transporting Horses on Short Journeys and Long Journeys. This is extremely positive that people are following good practise and becoming qualified to within the law.”  Chris Hewlett, MD, Haddon Training

India Hall completed the Level 3 Award in The Principles of Transporting Horses by Road on Long Journeys earlier this year.

“I completed the test because I had to in order for me to work as a driver for a horse transport company. I found the test fine to do and the invigilator very helpful and friendly. 
I didn't learn very much I did not already know only specifics regarding the law, for example, the maximum degree of a ramp. Nonetheless it will help me in the future because now I have that all important piece of paper that says I am competent enough to do my job!” India Hall

If you are interested in completing either of the 1st4sport qualifications, please contact Haddon Training on: enquiries@haddontraining.co.uk 



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