Ofsted Outstanding 2010 - 2011

Team Leading & Management

Businesses and organisations need managers and team leaders to help them to grow and to be successful.

Intermediate Apprenticeship (TEAM LEADING)

The Intermediate Apprenticeship supports your organisation's objectives through a wide range of functions, including: monitoring work, giving feedback, briefing teams, supporting team members, resolving problems, procuring supplies, project management and delivering and improving customer service.

Typical job roles:

  • Team Leader: in an Equine Yard this could be head girl or head lad or assistant manager
  • Section Leader or team co-ordinator in a retail or office environment

What will I learn?

You and your employer may choose units that focus on the areas that are more relevant to your role.  Topics include: 

  • Managing your own personal development effectively
  • Developing working relationships with colleagues
  • Communicate information and knowledge
  • Setting objectives and supporting team members
  • Planning, allocate and monitor work of a team

Case Study

Annika is the Yard Manager at Blewbury Centre.

We asked her about her Team Leading Qualification.

"I wanted to gain understanding and improve my confidence in dealing with and organising the work of my team. I feel more confident in leading the team, This has made it easier to be a good team leader and to look after my team better. One strong reason for me completing this qualification was to help me deal with difficulties within a team in a more constructive way. I feel I have really improved my skills in this area".

Advanced Apprenticeship (MANAGEMENT)

This Apprenticeship will develop your skills further.  It includes planning, allocating and monitoring the team's work; supporting team members; managing conflict; resolving problems;  project management, agreeing budgets and managing customer service.

Typical job roles:

  • Yard Manager or owner
  • Assistant Manager
  • Trainee Manager
  • Senior Supervisor


Checkendon Management

Linda is the owner/manager of Checkendon Equestrian Centre.

We asked her what she gained from her qualification.

"I wanted a qualification to confirm my competence as a manager. Working towards this qualification has enabled me to look at my tasks and objectives in a more structured way. It has given me greater skills and understanding of setting and meeting team objectives."


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