Ofsted Outstanding 2010 - 2011

Customer Service

Good Customer Service skills are essential both within an organisation (internal customers) and for external customers. This qualification will help you to be more confident dealing with customers, and improve your skills in responding to their needs. This is essential to help a business to be successful.

What will I learn?

You and your employer are able to choose Units that focus on the areas of customer service that are most relevant to your role. Units include topics such as:

  • Delivering reliable customer service
  • Giving customers a positive impression of yourself and the organisation
  • Managing problems, such as solving customer service issues
  • Supporting your business to grow
  • Understanding best practice in customer service.

Case Study

Vicky works at Checkendon Equestrian Centre in a role that involves her booking riding sessions and dealing with other external customers.

"I wanted to gain a qualification to recognise the job I do but also to gain more confidence and learn different techniques to improve my skills in dealing with customers. This qualification has helped me better understand how to deal with a wide variety of people. I have used it to improve the way that  I communicate with our customers. Overall, this has greatly improved my knowledge and confidence."


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