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National Apprenticeship Week 2016

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW2016) runs from the 14th-18th March 2016, it is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate Apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

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Haddon Training sent Jenny Jones, our Business Development Manager, to shadow Horse Care Apprentice Chloe Monoghan for a day at HorseWorld, the welfare trust based near Bristol.

Chloe is completing her Level 2 Apprenticeship in Horse Care where she is part of a team who look after the health and welfare of 114 horses. The team is devoted to getting all of the horses back to full health, sadly a large number of horses have been rescued from dire situations. 

Chloe outlines what she loves the most about her Apprenticeship:

“What I enjoy the most about my apprenticeship is that I get to see a lot of veterinary work in action and gain hands on experience working with the welfare cases we have.”

Jenny Jones is Haddon Training’s Business Development Manager and is one of the limited number of employees who has no experience with horses! We thought Jenny was an ideal candidate for this feature and she was ready to get stuck in and very excited to be there.

The morning

Jenny arrived at 8.30am on a rainy Wednesday morning to join to team at HorseWorld. To start the day she was shown how to muck out and fill up haynets to help with the morning duties, following this it was time for the weekly team meeting. Within the meeting the team discussed the ailments and welfare of individual horses and the plan of action for them, the HorseWorld open day and scheduled visits from the vet.

Jenny with haynet

Jenny kitted out for the day 

Jenny watched Chloe and the team drain a pony called Stevie’s sinuses, he had two teeth removed as they were causing an infection in the sinus. Having never seen anything like this before jenny found it very interesting and was impressed at how calm and well behaved Stevie was!

                                       Stevie at HorseWorld Horses in field

          Left: Stevie with his sinus tube before draining   Right: catching ponies from the field 

The pair then went to the field to collect a pony called Lottie to check her legs for mud fever, as this point Jenny realised there was a hole in her boots- not a good time to get stuck in the mud. After making sure Lottie was mud fever free and a quick boot swap, they stopped for lunch.

The afternoon

During the afternoon Chloe and Jenny collected another pony, Lily, from the field to check on her mud fever.  They cleaned her legs and put pig oil on her legs which softens the scabs from mud fever, and acts as a barrier against the mud when she is back in the field.

Jenny And Chloe at HorseWorld

Jenny and Chloe 

Stevie has to have his sinuses drained twice a day so it was time to do the afternoon session, then Jenny helped Chloe make the evening feeds. The last couple of jobs were to prepare more haynets and muck out the last few stables.

Jenny absolutely loved her day shadowing Chloe and getting to know the horses on the yard:

“It is so special here as every horse has a different story and a personalised welfare plan in place. The team here look after the horses medically and give them the rehabilitation treatment they need. They do more than just care for the horses; they treat them as their own, giving each animal the amount of time they need to make a full recovery.”

“It’s been a really hands on day, I have loved learning about horse care and watching treatments in action, Chloe is a great part of the team and really knows her stuff!”

Jenny and Chloe

Jenny met Sarah Hollister who trains Chloe and looks after the Apprenticeship programme with HorseWorld:  

“We have had success in the past and we love to support youngsters to get into an industry that can be difficult to achieve structured employment. It helps other staff members develop their skills to supervise and pass on knowledge, also we try to have high ethical standards for animal welfare and like to educate where we can.” 

Both Chloe and Jenny enjoyed the day; it was fantastic experience for Jenny to shadow one of our apprentices, and Chloe enjoyed showing someone the ropes!

If you would like to go to HorseWorld, they are having a Charity Open Day – ‘Adopt an Animal Day’ on Saturday 30th April, CLICK HERE to find out more information.

We would like to say a big thank you to the team at  HorseWorld for taking part in our ‘Back to the Field’ feature! 


Sam Burton is a 16-year-old Racing Groom / Work Rider at Sally Randell Racing, based in Swindon.

Sam talks about his apprenticeship and how influential his family has been in his career. Sam is completing an apprenticeship in Racehorse Care through Haddon Training and works for Sally Randell Racing. 

"My family has always been involved in racing, so it has always been my ambition to work in the horse racing industry.

"I started out by working with a trainer when I was 14. My work involved riding work with jockeys and I gained lots of experience – for example, I learnt how to jump out of stalls.

"It was my mum that encouraged me to take an apprenticeship - I chose this route as I could keep working whilst studying.

"I’ve been in my current role for just over a year. On a typical day I get up at 7am, and have to make sure the horses are mucked out properly and exercised. I get to ride throughout the day and there’s lots of mucking out involved! I go home between 12 and 12:30, then come back in the early evening at around 4pm for the evening shift at the stables.

"I’m taking an apprenticeship in Racehorse Care – my course involves horse care and health and safety and takes between 12 and 18 months to complete. Someone from the Training Provider visits me each month and I have homework to do. For me, the most enjoyable part of the course is researching new and alternative ways of doing things.

"The most challenging part of the course for me has been the maths section, however I was helped to find a method of learning which suited me.

"I love my job and find it really rewarding when a horse from the yard wins a race or runs particularly well.

Sam Burton And Sally Randell

Sam and Sally 

"To do my job you need a variety of skills – most important is the ability to ride, along with a knowledge of horses. But you also need common sense and to be a good team player.

"I think my job prospects will improve as a result of completing my apprenticeship – the experience of learning whilst working has really helped me.

"The one piece of advice I’d give to someone thinking of working in the racing industry is work really hard and make the sacrifices: they are worth it.

"In the future I would like to be a jockey. Go professional and be the best jockey in the world!"

Thank you to Careers in Racing for sharing this case study. 


As winners of the Apprenticeship 4 England Training Provider of year Award 2016, we were invited to meet Gordon Marsden MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Apprenticeships, at the Houses of Parliament.

Chris Hewlett, MD, attended with Hollie Smith, Outreach and IQA Coordinator, who has recently completed a Business Administration Apprenticeship with us.

Hollie Smith With Shadow Minister Of Apprenticeships NAW16

Hollie (fourth in from the left) and the group with Gordon Marsden MP


Chris With Shadow Minister Of Apprenticeships NAW16

Chris with Gordon


AASE Riders 'Rise to the Top' 

Haddon Training run the British Showjumping Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme. 

We are now on the fourth cohort and some of the AASE alumni have sent in their pictures from the Sunshine Tour in Spain. 

Tara McDonald

Tara is from AASE cohort 3 and graduated last year, she is competing her two horses Fygo, 6 year old, and Chippy, 8 year old, on the tour. 

Tara is having a successful tour with top placings in big classes: Chippy was 4th in the 1.30m speed class and Fygo has been placed 1st and 2nd in different age classes. Chippy has also stepped up and is now getting placed in the 1.35m and jumping his first 1.40m Grand Prix.  


Tara McDonald showjumping on Fygo in SpainTara Macdonald showjumping on Fygo


Tara McDonald showjumping on Chippy


Isabelle George

Isabelle is on this year's cohort of AASE riders, she was competing in Spain in February.  

Issy and her horse Douce De Roulard competed in the 1.40m class and came 5th, this was their first class at this height! 

Isabelle George showjumping 140m

Issy George showjumping


Laura Robinson 

Laura was on our AASE first cohort and graduated in 2012. Laura and her horse Jonti were placed 3rd in the opening 1.50m class on the Sunshine Tour in Spain!  

Laura Robinson showjumping in Spain


CONGRATULATIONS to the AASE riders on these amazing results! 

Weekend Assistant to Level 3 Apprentice

For as long as he can remember Karl Young has always wanted to be a riding instructor. Karl joined Lavant House Stables as a weekend assistant in June 2013 and on completion of his school education, he progressed onto a Horse Care Apprenticeship with Haddon Training in 2014. Karl is also working towards his British Horse Society qualifications to eventually become a qualified riding instructor.

Karl is now completing his second year of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Horse Care and Management with LHS, Karl has certainly proven to be a success story of how an Apprenticeship can offer an excellent career start in the Equine industry. 

Advance Apprentice Karl

Karl riding Silver 

Learning a variety of skills including; high quality care of horses from youngsters to eventers, yard duties, assisting instructors, customer care, working effectively with young children, plus continuing to develop his own riding, it has been a pleasure to see Karl progress within the Apprenticeship programme.

Karl is charming young man, a well respected and valued member of our team, he has a wonderful rapport with people and horses alike, and we confidently envisage him making an excellent riding instructor.

Thank you to Lucy Thomson, Proprietor Lavant House Stables, for sending this in

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